A successful marketing plan requires certain steps when creating effective marketing collateral.

We’ve briefly outlined these in four easy steps to get you on your way to creating targeted material for your business.

Define a goal
Choose your audience

Are you trying to increase brand awareness to attract first time customers or are you promoting a new product or service to existing customers?

Is it a sales piece? In which case, what stage of the buying process are you aiming towards? The beginning, middle or end?
(Lots of questions huh?)

If your marketing is aimed at new customers and the goal is to introduce them to your business, product or service, a short and simple overview may do the trick.

But if it is to an existing customer and the goal is to promote a sale, a more detailed offer with a clear call to action may be appropriate.

Set a date
Get designing

Setting a date keeps you on track and will give you something to aim for instead of falling into the trap of putting it off because ‘more important things’ have come up.

There may be a need for a specific date as the piece is for an event or promotion you are running.

The last step is of course to design your piece. Keep in mind your goal, audience and reasons for the material as you design and you can’t go wrong.

Or even better, contact us today and we will work with you to create something that really helps you connect.