Letterheads With Compliments slips

Like business cards, letterheads are essentials for every business. As such, one of our most common jobs is letterhead printing.

Not only does your business letterhead present who you are, which helps to identify your brand; but it should also be used for all your official documentation. It reinforces your brand’s authority and gives the remainder of the letter credibility.  Leave your mark on every invoice, letter, contract, and memo you send.

There are times when you will be required to supply a document on your letterhead. So it must be part of your standard business arsenal. Be sure there are always some sheets of letterhead available within arms-reach.

Our graphic designers and print gurus will work with your brand style guide and recommend a paper stock that works with your office printer so that the finished product always looks great and feels the way it should.

Many professional offices pair their letterhead with a follow-on sheet. This typically has much less contact information than the letterhead but is designed to match so multi-page documents look professional with your branding on each sheet but without the unnecessary repetition and space usage of using letterhead for every page.

With Compliments slips

With Comp slips are typically printed on the same paper as your letterhead, with the same branding but only DL size (one-third of an A4 sheet). It’s good practice to order your With Comp slips to attach to any correspondence when you order your letterhead.

If you print on an inkjet printer in your office, we offer print runs of just 50 Letterheads – print what you want as you need it. However, if you print on a laser printer it is much better to print your letterheads with the offset printing process which has a minimum print run of 250 sheets.