Every time you are making a presentation, running a training session or attending an expo or trade show it’s important to have a professional pop-up banner or two to promote your brand or service

Sometimes called pull-up banners, banner bugs, or roll-up banners there is a range of sizes to choose from to ensure you make the impact you intend.

All of our banners come with a high-quality and practical carry bag so it’s easy to transport and store between events.



The most popular size is 85cm wide x 2m tall but sizes can vary from tiny A4 desktop banners to enormous 2.4m wide pullup banners.

Some sizes can be produced the same day if you’ve completely run out of time.

  • 850 wide x 2000 tall
  • 850 wide x 2150 tall
  • 1800 wide x 2100 tall
  • 2400 wide x 2100 tall