Folded brochures

Folded brochures are an efficient and effective way to deliver more information in a compact format

Folded brochures are nearly always printed in full colour on both sides before folding.

Popular stocks are in the range of 100gsm to 350gsm; uncoated, silk coated, or gloss coated.

The most popular size/fold combinations are

  • A4 folded to DL – either roll-fold or Z-fold
  • A4 folded to A5
  • A3 folded to A4

However, there are many different folding styles and combinations of “flat size” and “finished size” for example A3 cross folded to DL. Whenever you want a brochure produced it is vital to know the sizes and folds before starting the design process to ensure you get the product you want. Contact us for more information and advice if you are not familiar with the process.