Architectural Plan Printing
At Agility Print you can simply email your print-ready wide format PDF architectural plan printing to us or drop off your hard copy plan print originals at our Parramatta centre – we’ll take care of the rest.

We’re conveniently located in the heart of Parramatta CBD.

For large plan copying jobs we offer free collection and return services. Just ask!

Whether your architectural plan printing is A0, A1, A2, B1 – or any other size, we’ll have your plan plotting done in a snap! Ask about our PlanExpress online submission and delivery service.

We also offer a full range of wide-format plan express scanning services. Plan prints of any size can be scanned to PDF. Plan Printing of Structural Drawings, Electrical Schematics, Elevations, full colour Overshadowing drawings for Council DA Submissions and Construction can all be scanned and printed.

Your wide format drawings, rendered images, GIS maps, and high-resolution scanning and copying are often time-critical. The fastest turnaround of CAD line drawings for the architectural and construction industries is now possible at Agility Print.

Agility Print is one of Sydney’s leading architectural printer and express plan printing companies, serving Sydney’s Architectural, Engineering, and Construction industries with a comprehensive range of plan scanning and printing options.

Whether you need your plans printed for Council DA submission or delivery direct to clients or want your current printed plans scanned and archived, Agility Print has a selection of architectural plan printing services that can help you.

Architectural Plan Printing Services

  • A0 Plan Printing
  • A1 Plan Printing
  • A2 Plan Printing
  • B1 Plan Printing
  • B2 Plan Printing
  • Wide Format Printing
  • Plan Delivery Service
  • Waterproof Plan Printing
  • Full Colour Plan Printing
  • Survey and Map Printing
  • Electrical Schematics
  • Elevations
  • Council DA Submissions
  • Environmental Reports