Agility Print binding services can be applied to any of the documents we produce

Every time you give out information, your credibility and professionalism are compared to that of your competitors. A professional presentation often makes the difference between the acceptance or rejection of a proposal.

Binding Services

Several binding techniques are available:

Stapling - just a few loose A4 pages to bind? Nothing is simpler than a simple staple in the upper left-hand corner! Stapling is the most cost effective and frequently selected method of binding small documents together.

Perfect binding - uses a flexible adhesive to join a cover to the spine of a collated document where the folded sections of pages have had the binding edge pre-trimmed. Modern PUR binding uses polyurethane resin glue which gives strength as strong, if not stronger, than ordinary Burst Binding.

Saddle Stitching - is the quickest, most cost effective form of binding for thin to medium thickness booklet documents. Saddle Stitching involves running a line of staples, usually 2 or 3, along the spine of the document. Saddle Stitch bound documents have the advantage of being able to be laid open flat.

Wire or Comb - these methods involve pre-drilling or hole punching through the collated and trimmed pages, through which a pre-manufactured bind, usually made of plastic or wire, is threaded. This bind method is often used in quick turn-around documents as the processing time is very efficient and does not require specialist services.

Thermal Binding - for short run fast binding of smaller A4 documents, thermal is an attractive option using an adhesive spine with a clear cover and opaque back. Thermal binding is also ideal when custom covers and backs are desired in a traditional book format.