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Your interest in Direct Mail is very well placed!

Direct mail is the most powerful marketing weapon in your arsenal.


of all marketing campaigns feature PRINT as an element


of consumers value direct mail over social media advertising


Increase in campaign payback when you include Direct Mail


of Millenials pay attention to DIRECT MAIL advertising

The Power of Direct Mail

With proper design and wording, Direct Mail is the most effective marketing method available to you. It cuts through the clutter of modern day electronic media and smart phone noise.

Agility Print Direct Mail & Fulfilment is a state-of-the-art facility that houses the biggest, best and newest equipment in the industry. We have the capabilities to ramp up – or ramp down – to ensure the best possible turnaround time for your lodgement.

Located in the heart of the Parramatta CBD , we are conveniently located near Australia Post and our ever-updated suite of equipment enables us to meet your everyday mail fulfilment needs in every way!

We can carry out your Direct Mail campaign from inital concept to final production and lodgement.  Yes, that’s initial concept, design, copywriting, printing, addressing, barcoding, folding, envelope inserting and final lodgement with Australia Post.

Initial Concept

What are your goals? What is your target audience? What image are your trying to portray? What are your market segments needs?  What unique features are you offering? What are the benefits of these unique features?  Are there topics to avoid?  These are all crucial questions to be answered before the designers and copywriters work their magic.  From this we will provide you with a conceptual treatment of the campaign.


Agility believe that eye-catching graphic design is vital to the effectiveness of any Direct Marketing Campaign.  The design is what captures the initial attention of the reader.

Without great design the recipient will never read your message, no matter how compelling your story may be.

Stop in and have a look at our portfolio of work.  You’ll be impressed!  Our design team will be able to do the same for you.


Anyone can string together a sentence, but not everyone can compose a sentence that has the power to make the reader ACT.

Often overlooked, copywriters are trained professionals, well-versed in the art of crafting effective, engaging, and informative copy.

While the visual design is essential to capture the reader’s attention,  the job of a copywriter is to work with the creative team to set the tone, tell the story, state the features, and sell the benefits to get the reader to ACT.

Most importantly, the copywriter talks about the reader – to make an emotional connection – a connection that will encourage the recipient to take action.  Whether that action is to call a service centre, visit a website, or visit a store to purchase a product, good copywriters connect with the reader and generate an almost immediate response.

If you feel that your direct marketing campaigns need a copy boost, then it might just be time to talk to Agility Print for a copy overhaul – and consider that a call to action!


Agility is the place to use!  Not only do we have the capacity to handle jobs of any size we have printing capabilities unique to Agility.  Gold and silver printing add a touch of elegance.  Clear printing to give certain printed elements a gloss shine.  Even Touch printing to give selected elements a tactile, raised property.  Come in and have a look at samples, you will be impressed.

We also have dedicated envelope printers to speed your job along without delay.  We can apply your logo and return address to envelopes, often the same day.


You can provide your mailing database in a variety of formats. All we need is name, company, street address, suburb and postcode and we’re ready to go!  We will personalise each mailer with these details to give your campaign maximum impact.

We have additional data services such as de-duplication if your database needs a bit of “cleaning up”.  We can even provide databases if you do not have one.


If your mailing is large we can take your address data and include an Australia Post barcode to each mailer.  Australia Post offers discounts to larger mailings that have been barcoded.  Ask for details about this discount.

Folding & Envelope Inserting

Importantly, Agility has the equipment to fold and insert your letters, postcards and other materials into envelopes to make ready for mailing.  Our high-speed folder/inserters can process thousands of mailers an hour, guaranteeing your mail campaign will get out on schedule.

Final Lodgement

Once printed, folded, inserted and sealed your mailing campaign is on its way to Australia Post for lodgement.  We will oversee its timely despatch and provide you the lodgement documentation.

Direct Mail Works!

Surprise! The Australian people have a love affair with their letterbox!

  • 85% of people check their mail daily*
  • 99% of people opened their mail*
  • 58% store their mail for later reference*
  • 80% read their mail on the day it arrives*
                                  (*Source: Australia Post Consumer Survey Mail Findings – May 2013)

Importantly for any organisation trying to reach an audience, physical mail has credibility. People enjoy having quality time with their mail. They look for it, interact with it and enjoy its personal relevance. 

Addressed mail is extremely useful as a marketing clutter-buster. With only an average of 7 pieces of addressed mail received per person per week, many of which are kept and stored.

Direct Mail is Here to Stay

Almost 77% of Millenials pay attention to Direct Mail Advertising, a number impossible to achieve with email or social media.  And they spend well over 2 minutes reading it. Mail holds a novelty factor for Millenials and has connections associated with ‘good news’.



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