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On Demand Short Run Printing Specialists

While the exact quantity varies, on demand short run printing is anything from one to around a thousand digital reproductions, so it opens up all sorts of print possibilities.  Now you are not limited to only getting a high quality product for large print jobs. Now every job, no matter what size, can have a high standard of quality and consistently reinforce your branding and image.

The ability to test the product prior to doing multiples also comes into play with short-run digital printing. Being able to interchange stocks, play around with finishes and test the water prior to printing adds real flexibility. Many clients love the advantage of being able to produce a document and get a proof of one, five or ten to see how it works. Then it’s easy to get feedback from bosses up the line. You can gauge people’s reactions to the initial project before you go doing multiple prints.

On Demand Short run Printing is Ideal for Tenders and Sales Proposals

Tenders are ideal jobs for on demand short run printing. Often with tenders people may only want two or three final copies. Other people might just want to trial different marketing ideas, so they’ll just do a run of one or two hundred before they hit the button. Once they are all ready they can print the hundreds or thousands, whatever their full print job might be.

That’s the beauty of digital – being able to produce a sample, or just a small quantity, without committing all your printing budget.


Benefits of On Demand Printing

These include:

  • A low unit cost even for just a handful of print-outs;
  • No need to order vast quantities which will take months to use up;
  • No need to store boxes and boxes of marketing collateral;
  • A cheaper initial outlay;
  • Order only as and when printing is really needed;
  • Much faster output than litho (for small to medium quantities);
  • If you move address, you are not left with a load of useless stationery or brochures which would otherwise end up in the bin;
  • Digital print files can be kept on file and later re-used at the click of a mouse.

So you can see that on-demand printing, using digital presses, will be particularly useful for things like letterheads, business cards, other pieces of corporate stationery, brochures, flyers, leaflets and any marketing literature which has the potential to have a short shelf life. It helps spread the cost out over time and particularly suits those who do not have significant storage space – because you only order what you need at any particular point in time.



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